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Clients in the News

Clients in the News: GitLab and Docker Launch Native Integration

Our client GitLab has launched an exciting new integration with Docker that allows applications to be built, tested and deployed in container registries with GitLab's continuous integration tools, a development recently covered by InfoWorld and others.

We're thrilled as always to be a part of GitLab's amazing team, setting the pace in the world of open source. We're excited to see what amazing work this new partnership will make possible! Awesome job, guys.

Clients in the News: Chris Cabanillas Speaks to Joe Torres

This week our client Chris Cabanillas of Cabanillas and Associates was on Tiempo with Joe Torres discussing the implications of the recent Supreme Court decision to review President Obama's executive action on immigration. 

We're proud of Chris for the work he's doing, and thanks so much to ABC New York for having him on!