Family and matrimonial attorneys based in New York.


The reputable team at Sexton Law Offices assists clients in achieving the best possible outcomes in divorce, mediation, property division, paternity, custody, and prenups—all with a bit of style. In 2008 James J. Sexton, Esq. was named one of the "Ten Leaders in Matrimonial / Divorce Law" for Westchester/Rockland, standing Sexton among some of the most experienced and elite divorce lawyers practicing in New York. Sexton is the youngest attorney in New York State to ever be honored with the "Ten Leaders" distinction.


While the law can be daunting, communicating with lawyers doesn’t have to be. Through a carefully planned social and editorial strategy, we’ve helped build the firm’s profile by connecting with audiences through humor and accessible expertise, as well as gaining and supporting a prestigious contributorship to the Huffington Post. With our support, Jim Sexton (lauded by some as a “compassionate advocate” and others as a “courtroom gunslinger”) is giving divorce attorneys a whole new way to connect with potential clients.