So you’ve browsed the website, read our social media posts, and seen the work we do for our clients. What more is there to know about Texter Communications? A lot.


Firstly, we want to share why we do what we do. We know that having an online presence is an absolute must for all businesses, whether they’re just starting out, or about to open their twelfth office. We’ve seen time and time again with our clients that being part of the conversation online is the gateway to business consolidation and expansion.


As communications specialists, getting to know more about you – your team, your business, your sector – is what gets us out of bed in the morning (... or keeps us from it at night)! We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to help our clients’ business thrive, whether that’s stepping in to create a brand new website that better represents the company, or designing an offline strategy to boost the company’s local profile. By extension, we deliver results that far exceed clients’ expectations. In short, it’s an honor to be trusted with your brand and we do not take the responsibility lightly.

We pride ourselves on adopting the most effective strategies to help your business realize its potential.

Video, blogging, infographics, social media, design, mailshots, re-branding, press pitching... We’re more than happy working with all of these, and we know our clients are very happy with the results. We’re experts across the board, and love to get a handle on the latest ‘big thing’ in the communications world. Call us nerds - We sport the title proudly.

The agency is based in New York and thrives on the buzz, the pace, and the attitude of the city. Although there’s nowhere else we’d rather be, we’re also proud to work with clients across the States and further afield including the UK and Brazil. We use the power of storytelling and conversation to enable our clients to connect emotionally and intellectually with their customers, wherever they are.

Texter Communications was founded in 2012 by Laci Texter. Laci earned a degree in Political Science and commenced her career in communications working for both state and U.S. politicians. Stifled by the inability to get truly creative or work outside the cube, Laci decided it was time to branch out, personally and professionally. After traveling internationally for awhile, she landed in NYC and, like millions of newcomers before her, she decided this was the best place in the world for her to remain inspired, challenged, and to begin helping others communicate with the world. Texter Communications was born upon a simple concept:

we want to Enable passionate business people to connect authentically with their cUSTOMERS and prospects through meaningful conversation.

Laci is ably assisted by Dr. Danielle Barrios-O’Neill, Dr. Alexandra Swann, and Katherine O'Neill. As trained researchers, Danielle and Alexandra are extremely well-placed to create and execute creative strategies that appeal to clients’ customers and prospects. Danielle is an expert in interactive media, with a wealth of experience in content development, design, and digital project management. Alexandra uses skills honed during her career as a qualified journalist to write content that is persuasive, accurate, and engaging. Katherine is the go-to person when we want anything analyzed. Her background in forensic and social science has equipped her well for her analytical work with clients’ website and advertising data. Our resident puzzle solver will work out what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how to get even better results.

Together, the team at Texter Communications deliver bespoke communications strategies that are sometimes unconventional, and always effective.